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Monday, February 23, 2015

A Little Surprise

I don't have pictures to share yet, but I do have a new project, my best yet in fact, on the table.  More on that later.  My husband and I will be married for 25 years this summer, on June 9th.  Since we were first married we have loved going to the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Coming from Nebraska extremes and flatlands, there is nothing better than the warmer winters (yes warmer) and cooler summers that Custer South Dakota claims.  Every time we have ever gone there, we pick up the real estate books and start looking at property, dreaming over it, wishing for our little piece of paradise. And yet, timing has never been right.  We were too young.  Everything was two expensive.  Etc., etc.

This winter, on a fluke, we went up to look at some property, and immediately realized it wasn't for us.  But in the mean time, the realtor did show us a property that was coming up for auction in two days.  It was a bigger house (806 square feet on the main level) and a little cottage with a neighboring awesome garage.  The little cottage needed work, had some issues, but the outdoor space was fantastic.  A deck, two blocks from down town.  A creek, "Laughing Water", running through it.  It had potential. And more importantly to my husband was this great big finished garage that was only 6 years old.  Heaven, right?   So, we came home Sunday night (a five hour drive).  We worked Monday.  And we turned around and went back to Custer Monday night for the Tuesday auction.

Well, needless to say, the auction went well.  We bought the house and cabin.  That was NOT part of the plan.  We are working on the house as we speak, to flip it. We are also changing lot lines to improve both properties.  In the mean time, we are dreaming about South Dakota nightly, and our little studio cabin that will be converted to something fabulous over time.  Little.  But Fabulous.

My husband doesn't allow me to use the term "tiny house" but in fact, that is what it is at 450 square feet.  It has a newly remodeled bathroom and kitchen, so it is just waiting for us to knock out some walls at the front part of the house and bring it up to standard too, and recreate our little bit of paradise.

Our next trip up is over my spring break, and after a few touch ups painting in the "big" house, I'm going to town on my little one.  And I can't wait.  But you will have to.  For pictures and progress. :-)