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Monday, April 1, 2013


This year has been full of trials already, and I am taking them one day at a time.  Some days better than others.  First, my son had two knee surgeries and he is only 17.  Then my husband was being treated for a liver disease that it turns out he doesn't have, only is the carrier for.  Then, the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back, my healthy, hard to keep up with mom, out of the blue was diagnosed with severe congestive heart failure.  That one threw me for a loop.  It came out of no where, and literally in a matter of days she went from my mom who can't sit still, to my mom who has to sit still, have a very low sodium diet, oxygen at night mom.  Time marches on in spite of us, and we all know changes are ahead, but I'm being honest here, and I am full. I keep saying that, but the truth is, God's grace is enough in every situation, and God is blessing us with His grace, and His love, and His mercy, and His healing.  So, I am very intentionally giving this over to God, praying for my mother's healing, and doing everything God has given me the ability to do to help her.

Most importantly mom's diet.  You'd think she'd have big changes to make but in addition to not being over weight, not eating unhealthy, and being completely active, the big thing is the sodium awareness that occurs naturally in foods.  So we are all learning, trying to adjust our tastebuds, and give her good food that is very low in sodium.  I've been doing some research, and I am going to be experimenting with foods.  I am going to post our favorites, just in case you know of someone who can use that kind of lifestyle change as well.  Today I am going shopping.  What I can't find locally my dad and I will order online.  Let the cooking begin.

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