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Monday, May 6, 2013

Little Miracles

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting my first grandchild.  His name is Sebastian and he is perfect.  I know all grandparents say that, but it's true.  He is perfectly handsome, perfectly sweet, perfectly beautiful in every way.  We had to drive 7 hours to visit him, and I think that road will become more well traveled now that he has entered this world.  Not because we didn't want to go before, but his parents already know us, and if we have any hope of Sebastian knowing us, it means getting in that car and going at every chance. 

Interestingly, Sebastian isn't the only miracle that I was able to witness this weekend.  Because really, I discovered that one of the most rewarding things a person can witness is their own children becoming parents.  God has this most perfect plan, this design of instant love that occurs when you look into that little person's eyes.  His plan involves total devotion and protection, and it mirrors how He loves us all.  Isn't it amazing and incomprehensible to realize that He loves us more even than we love them?  Because as any parent will attest to, we can't comprehend any more devoted love than the one we have for our children....except maybe for our grandchildren. 

I was blessed this weekend in many ways, by meeting Sebastian and loving him, by witnessing his mommy and daddy devoted to him, and by understanding that this is all part of God's design.  Look into his beautiful eyes above and you will understand.  I am a Grandma now, and I reserve the right to brag.  

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