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Friday, July 26, 2013

Trash to Treasure Patio Project

My Aunt Dianne called me one night, as she does now and then, and asked me to go to a garage sale the next day.  She confessed the reason she likes me to go, as opposed to one of her friends, is that I am interested in old junk, and not competing with her for collectible dishes.  That got a laugh  out of me for sure...nothing like honesty.  But in truth, we have a lot of fun together.  I'm not sure she understands my quirky purchases but then again, I'm not sure anyone does.

So we arrived at the garage sale and the first think I saw was this set of 6 old dirty wooden folding chairs.  I love things like this...they are just perfect for a good up-cycle.  I brought them home last Friday and they have been sitting against the house all week, waiting for me to do something.  Today, I pulled two of them into the house and painted them up in a fun green that I already had.  I LOVE them!  My dilemma though, is whether or not to paint the remaining four in the same color, or to paint two in an red-orange, and two in royal blue?  Any thoughts?

And I also think they will look great on the patio around a great big long harvest table.  But that doesn't exist yet.  I haven't told him yet, but I think I'll ask my son to build me one in his shop class this year.  Stay tuned for that picture!  

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  1. I love the chairs I have one just like it! I am also a junk shopper! ;)