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Friday, August 28, 2015

She-Shed Dreams

I am a collector of ideas.  That is fun and unfortunate at the same time.  Many times those ideas are just in the form of torn out magazine pages that I sort and save for eternity, safely buried in the piles of years past.  But some of those ideas get in my head and never quite leave.  I remember them, nurture them, and eventually, much to my husband's dismay, I begin to actually work on bringing them to life.  He is a project person just like me, so he understands my nature, but of course his interests are completely different, so my ideas don't seem as appealing or necessary.  However, when I remind my avid hunter husband that I too, don't always see things as necessary (big game animal hunts and trophies, etc.) he quickly remembers to be supportive.  :-)  Really he is supportive all of the time.

Years ago, I saw a picture of a beautiful shed made all of up-cycled windows.  It was a sort of green house but was made into a garden room,  made beautiful with furniture and chandeliers and a little stone patio out front.  I loved it, but in Nebraska, with our lovely wind and hail storms, that isn't so practical.  However, I never have gotten the idea of a little extension of our house, a room that was just mine, out of my head.  I like pretty.  I like unique.  I like a challenge.  And I  need projects.

This year has been spent working on our little cabin in Custer, South Dakota.  It is a tiny house for sure, at 450 square feet.  But it is so darn cute and the outdoor living space is awesome, Laughing Water Creek runs through our yard.  I love it, but I have this need to create some private, multipurpose space there in our big yard.  We have a huge garage, bigger than the house, so storage isn't the issue.  We have a great deck, so it isn't that we need more space for lounging around or entertaining.  It has more to do with my need to create....and this long time idea that's been stuck in my head.

So last night, I ran across this story on the "She-Shed", this trend that encompasses those ideas.  I began searching and studying all of the kinds of cute sheds that might be utilized as guest quarters and an extension of our house.  There are all kinds of ideas out there.  It will be awhile before my little dream becomes a reality, but here are some ideas for inspiration. Mine will be created from a pre-made garden shed, although I don't know what style yet.  I want to keep the work load down and having a structure to start with means much less work.
 Do you have any ideas you think would be awesome in a little tiny retreat?

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